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Who We Are

 The members that make up the Rebels & Rods group are more

than car enthusiasts, they are people that not only live in our community,

they are people that genuinely care about their community and all of those in it.

The members come from different walks of life, hail from various parts

of this and other states and all have their own unique skill sets that

they are willing to use for the benefit of others in need.

In today’s world, things can change in the blink of an eye and often, people are not prepared for it or are capable of handling things on their own, this is what makes the Rebels & Rods such an integral part of our community.

Rebels Giving Back to the Community

Click on any of the links below to see an example of ways that

members of the Rebels & Rods have given back to the community

and/or have helped area residents when they needed it most.

Sponsored family:

If you are familiar with our group, you know a huge reason that we do what we do, is so we can give

back to our community that gives so much. At the beginning of each year, our core group discusses local families in need, or that have been through hard times, and we agree to raise money for that family that we can present to them at our season finale/cookout at the Upland Club.


In 2021, two students from Plymouth North High School lost their parents months apart,

and we were able to present them with around $10,000 to use in any way they needed.


2022 was an extremely busy year for the group. We had a fundraiser for a young local boy that was

badly burned in a daycare fire. We were able to give his mom a nice donation as well as giving him

a brand new bicycle and a bunch of hot rod toys to help lift his spirits, mission accomplished!!


We also learned about a Plymouth family with 3 young children that go to local public schools.

The children lost their grandfather in a motor vehicle accident and months later, lost their mom to

her battle with cancer. The father is an amazing guy who now has a long road ahead of him, raising

these 3 beautiful children. We were able to raise and gift them a substantial amount of money at our

annual car show at the Upland Club.


Our collection jug will always be with us wherever we go, getting ready for our next worthwhile cause.

Please help us to do what we do make a donation if possible.

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