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Rebels & Rods Mission

The core members that make up the Rebels & Rods are more 
than just car enthusiasts, they're people that

not only live in our community, they're people that genuinely care about their community and all of those in it.

​​They come from different walks of life and all have their own unique skill sets that they are willing to use and share for the benefit of others in need.


In today’s world, things can change in the blink of an eye and often, people are not prepared for it or are capable of handling things on their own, this is what makes the Rebels & Rods such an integral part of our community.


The mission of the Rebels & Rods is to provide camaraderie to other like-minded people, to encourage

others to take part in car-related events, to give people a place to meet and interact with others that

share similar interests in a family-oriented environment and above all, to help and support our area

first responders, our veterans, local causes and residents in need every chance that we can.

We also proudly support our First Responders as well as our Veterans and Active Duty Military personnel.

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