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A few months ago, the Rebels & Rods started a new weekly practice of choosing someone's car and having them

park it up front and be recognized as the "Car of the Week".

Although we are a car group, we are first and foremost family and community oriented. That being said, we love to see families at our events having a great time. When we see kids with big smiles on their faces, we know that we did our job!

A couple of weeks ago, a young man showed up at one of our Sunday events and brought his remote-controlled car

with him and he was instantly a hit with the Rebels Crew and the crowd in attendance.

His control and skills on his remote control was so amusing, so incredible and so much fun to watch,

the decision was made to recognize Tyler for not just his skills but for his obvious passion for fun and for cars.

For those reasons and more, Tyler was presented an award as our Car of the Week in his own category!

Rich introducing Tyler

Rich and Tyler.jpg

Tyler addressing the crowd


Tyler getting kudos from

Rebels & Rods President Joe

Joe and Tyler.jpg

Tyler and his dad


Tylers cool car


Tyler giving a remote control demonstration

(video will open in YouTube)

video cover pic.jpg
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